Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania

Houseboat #8 Striper
Last week, Todd and I went to Raystown Lake just outside of Hesston, PA. The man-made lake completed by the Army Corps of Engineers is 28 miles (45 km) long with plenty of coves and fishing locations to explore. It was my third time back at the lake and it still does not get old. Todd rented a houseboat at the Seven Points Marina for a week from 9-Jun through 13-Jun. We had houseboat #8 Striper which was the exact same houseboat we had last year. My friends often ask me what a houseboat really is. Basically it is a boat with the amenities of a standard house and more.

Specifically, our houseboat Striper  is a 6-sleeper and includes: a living room with a couch, dining table with 4 chairs, refrigerator, full kitchen with microwave oven, air conditioning/heater, 2 queen beds in a bunker, a double bed in a cuddy, and a front deck with a large cooler, grill, table and chairs. 

The lake is mostly deep and if you are like me who also do not know how to swim, you can wear one of the life vests while sliding on the fun sliding board from the top deck to the lake. 

Sliding board. Fun!

In order to operate a personal watercraft in Pennsylvania, you must be certified first because you need the Pennsylvania Boater Safety Education Certificate unlike some states that only require a valid driver's license and/or boating experience. The safety course and exam can be taken online. Since Todd was the captain of Striper, I don't need the boating license. But I needed the annual fishing license which you can also get online here.

We spent the week fishing, swimming and a little bit of hiking for me. We drove the houseboat to different locations in the lake so I brought my hammock to hang in the trees. We caught some carps and on sunny days I stayed on the top deck getting a tan. There were a couple other houseboats in the lake and a few jet skiers. There are designated campgrounds for those who like camping as well. 

p.s. Make sure you bring enough food, ice and booze if you plan to rent a houseboat for the week. After all, there are no grocery stores in the lake. And as always, safe travels!

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